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About Green Rush

CBD Hemp Oil Ireland is a trusted supplier of superior cannabidiol (CBD).

We are Green Rush – CBD Hemp Oil Ireland. Our goal is to bring to the market high quality CBD Oil to our customers. All our products are natural and low THC hemp levels which comply to Irish laws. All our products are competitively priced and help with all kinds of natural benefits. We want to help you bring CBD into you life routine and feel the benefits for your well being. We want to bring this out openly to the Irish market and promote its benefits. There is a stigma against CBD because we feel people are not educated towards it’s benefits and how it can help you health.

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Why Choose Green Rush

Green Rush thinks that the world is now a much better place and we would like to demonstrate that we’re able to live a balanced lifestyle without poisoning ourselves and the world around us. Work by instance and wish to demonstrate you could create a thriving company which could be 100% continuing and balance it with character and each other. Our very own guarantee is that any merchandise a client buys from us is going to be premium quality and just the finest benefits that CBD could provide. Heal or Heal, or even both. CBD has been extensively researched for its numerous distinct advantages. It directed us to leave our tasks and think of a manner that would allow it to be available to everyone in the most secure manner possible. Cannabidiol oils don’t cause you high and it isn’t addictive. It may be applied to a vast array of unique ways.

Notice that CBD doesn’t make you high and is not addictive. It is being researched for several usages: CBD has a rather broad assortment of applications.

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